About us:

The company “PUTEVI” was founded in 1961, as a successor of Roads Technical section of the Republic of Serbia which carried out construction and maintenance works.


PUTEVI” developed intensively which resulted in major expansion of initial field of activity in the period of four decades.

The prevailing activity is the construction, mainly works in the field of civil engineering and building construction. Quality performance of works is supported by production of stone and stone aggregates controlled by both the authorised institutions and company’s laboratory.

In addition to constructions, as a basic activity, “PUTEVI” has at its disposal design licenses for civil engineering and building construction works and specialist teams capable of producing designs of new buildings and to perform required rationalisation of building plans received by the Employer.


Company “PUTEVI” is fully functional in order to enable successful business performance and highly respected appearance on the market. Each organisational group is constantly checking its performances and performance of entire company ensuring the live process of quality and organisation improvement.

The technical and plant and equipment departments, as two of the most important departments, are supported and serviced by financial – commercial and legal affairs departments which are all supervised by quality control department on a full time basis.


Development policy constists of constant personnel improvement and company's managment leadership in all fields.
New technologies, modern machines and equipment, permanent training and improvement of employees in country and abroad are development generator.